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How to Analyze an Article. Learning to analyze and think critically is a valuable skill. Not only will it help with schoolwork, but it will also allow you to judge the validity of news articles and conduct thoughtful research for the rest...
Analyzing Journal Articles & Essays. Below are some questions to help you begin analyzing a journal article or essay. Your analysis may not contain comments on every question below. Instead, select a few questions as the basis of the ideas which will lead to a detailed and interesting analysis of an article or essay. 1.
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When reading news articles, we often get caught up in the drama, but in order to analyze an article we need to look at it differently. In this...
Analyzing a News Article. 9.1.1 f. Title of article: Author, source, date: Is the article factual, or does it have a particular point of view? Main idea in one sentence: Article summary in your own words (one or two sentences):. Draw a figurative representation of the main idea. List the facts included in this article (point form).
Analyzing a newspaper or magazine article requires specific skills which few students acquire without being deliberately taught and practiced. The example/project suggested below may be adapted for any history or social studies curriculum (law, sociology, civics, political science, economics). Objective: To teach students
This is the CSU-Pueblo University Library Quick Class on How to Analyze Scholarly Articles. For more ...
This guide aims to show you how to read and understand scholarly articles, a skill that is virtually guaranteed to help you keep up with assigned readings. Appreciating how academics write and why they write as they do may even improve your own papers. Nothing explored here is unique; you can easily find out more
When considering the observations we have made about Gioia's essay, we see a lot of data analysis combined with emotional language. One way to approach writing this essay is to focus on these two elements. We could argue that Gioia uses persuasive, emotional language, combined with data, to craft his argument.
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